7 cities not foreign to the words twister, cyclone, tornado

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First responders were extricating people from the hotel shortly after the twister struck. The El Reno Veterans of Foreign Wars has opened their doors for citizens needing shelter. A tornado warning.

It hit just days after a tornado killed 24 people in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore. Although there is no scientific data to prove it, the rituals seem to work. Officials in tornado-prone. Slideshow (7 Images). “We were very strong. Scientists conclude cigar-shaped interstellar object not an alien spaceship.

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Twister. When hearing the word "twister", there is one thing that clearly comes to mind, and that is the "tornado". Since the 1996 movie ‘twister‘, the name "twister" has become a more popular term for tornadoes. So basically, twisters are just tornadoes, and this term is used as a slang version of tornado, because of how it acts.

The tornado touched down Sunday about 10 miles west of Little Rock at around 7 p.m. Another twister killed a person in Quapaw, Okla., before crossing into Kansas to the north and destroying 60 to.

The most recent outbreak came in Kansas, where a massive tornado was confirmed tuesday evening near Lawrence. The monstrous twister eventually tracked. major structural damage was not found within.

We grew up in the midwest with tornado warnings, real and test, all the time. It’s something every midwestern kid has drilled into his head. Tornadoes kill. Run to safety. And whether or not these.