Ellie Mae: Encompass Lending Platform enhances mortgage automation

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Custom Encompass Services. We integrate and install custom components for Ellie Mae Encompass to aid lenders with compliance and adherence to the latest federal mortgage rules, such as a debt-to-income calculator and loan quality evaluation. Our custom Encompass development services allow for complete platform customization.

Mortgage platform provider Ellie Mae has announced the new release of its Encompass Digital Lending Platform which will allow lenders to originate a wider variety of loans. Ellie Mae said the.

 · The annual Ellie Mae Hall of Fame Awards recognize the best and brightest companies in the mortgage industry that use Ellie Mae’s Encompass® all-in-one mortgage management solution. This year, J.G. Wentworth Home Lending is nominated in the Business Growth and Outstanding Efficiency and ROI categories.

MGIC mortgage insurance services are now part of Ellie Mae Total Quality Loan (TQL). TQL provides an enhanced MGIC integration that. costly errors and driving revenue through automation. The.

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Ellie Mae, the California-headquartered cloud-based platform provider for the mortgage finance industry announced that two new suites of applications are available via Ellie Mae’s Encompass true.

 · Creating a Seamless Experience for Lenders and Consumers Using AI, Machine Learning and Machine Vision. AI Foundry, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform company, announced the launch of its next-generation cognitive business automation platform along with a new Agile Mortgages solution.This patent-pending technology incorporates the latest in AI, machine learning and machine.

Encompass Loan Officer Connect: Product Overview Ellie Mae’s Encompass digital mortgage solution provides one system of record that enables banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders to originate and fund mortgages and improve compliance, loan.

Its “all-in-one” CRM and marketing platform offers capabilities for lead management, sales automation. management, loan origination and business management. The Company also hosts the Ellie Mae.

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Ellie Mae, Inc. develops and provides a cloud-based platform for the mortgage finance industry in the United States. It provides Encompass, an enterprise solution that engages in running the.

TRK Connection, a leading provider of mortgage quality control (QC) and origination management solutions, announced that its flagship mortgage QC audit platform Insight Risk & Defect Management (RDM) is now available through the Ellie Mae Encompass Digital Lending Platform via Ellie Mae’s Encompass Partner Connect APIs.