Jobless claims fall but spike in energy sector claims signals problems

The median forecast of 75 economists surveyed by Bloomberg. sector is losing some of its luster, softening alongside the broader economy.” Another report today showed fewer Americans than forecast.

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That’s the lowest in nearly four months, but it’s also ambiguous at a time when the crowd’s desperate for strong signals about what comes next. But as the chart below suggests, it’s unclear if we’re.

Initial jobless claims leap 53,000 to 253,000 in late January. New claims were expected to fall 26%, for example, but they only. Although signs have emerged the economy is slowing, the U.S. labor market is the strongest in decades. Companies are hiring at a rapid clip, layoffs and unemployment are at.

Jobless claims fall but spike in energy sector claims signals problems. Claims have been largely flat since September but the ongoing shedding of energy sector jobs and the spike in continuing.

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A fall in the number of jobless claims signals improved growth prospects, but a rise indicates that the manufacturing sector is likely to struggle. The business outlook survey, Gross Domestic Product and industrial productions are economic indicators that are watched by investors and industry insiders as they reflect growth prospects.

Initial jobless claims have fallen, but digging into the data the biggest spikes in jobless claims are in shale states, suffering from the falling price of oil. As Texas is the leading job creator.

The energy sector. despite the claims of climate change campaigners that the end of the oil age is nigh. Read the full piece here. The Reserve Bank of Australia says the use of interest rate cuts.

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They all had their own subprime problems, but none of them knew whose was. Some of that was because TIPS are illiquid, but not all of it. The fall in commodities and the rise in unemployment-which.

According to an AP report, he said: It would be wrong to believe that the problems. time claims for unemployment benefits. Initial jobless claims increased by 38,000 to 368,000 in the week ending.

Claims for first-time unemployment benefits tumbled last week to the lowest. That was good news for the beaten-down energy sector of the stock market, which was actually the best performer on the.