LPS: 7.12% of U.S. loans are delinquent

LPS released their Mortgage Monitor report for November today. According to LPS, 7.12% of mortgages were delinquent in November, up from 7.03% in October, and down from 7.83% in November 2011. According to LPS, 7.12% of mortgages were delinquent in November, up from 7.03% in October, and down from 7.83% in November 2011.

As reported in LPS’ First Look release, other key results from lps’ latest mortgage monitor report include: Total U.S. loan delinquency rate: 7.97 %. Month-over-month change in delinquency rate: -2.2%. Total U.S foreclosure pre-sale inventory rate: 4.15%. Month-over-month change in.

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Are Subprime Auto Loans the New Big Short? The largest percentage of GSE foreclosure starts are coming from loans that. Other key results from LPS’ latest Mortgage Monitor report include: Total U.S. loan delinquency rate: 9.55 percent Total.

– A nonprofit financial institution won the bid for Fannie Mae’s sixth Community Impact Pool of non-performing loans. This deal on nearly $26 million in NPLs is expected to close near the end of. LPS: 7.12% of U.S. loans are delinquent # of loans in thousands Foreclosure prevention actions completed foreclosure prevention actions decreased as delinquent loans declined in January.

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Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS) has reported the following "first look" at January 2013 month-end mortgage performance statistics derived from its loan-level database representing approximately 70 percent of the overall market. Total U.S. loan delinquency rate (loans 30 or more days past due, but not in foreclosure) stood at 7.03 percent for January.

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The U.S. delinquency rate registered a 7.7% increase in September, according to new data from Jacksonville, Fla.-based Lender Processing Services (LPS). LPS adds that newly available origination data provides insight into the increase: After allowing a month for loan data to board, originations in August were found to be up 13.2% month-over-month and 42.1% year-over-year, [.]

Technology, Data and Analytics (TD&A) and Origination Services drove results: first quarter revenue growth was one of the highest ever for LPS. Products and Services Property records database will.

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(17) Outstanding loan means a loan that the consumer is legally obligated to repay, regardless of whether the loan is delinquent or is subject to a repayment plan or other workout arrangement, except that a loan ceases to be an outstanding loan if the consumer has not made at least one payment on the loan within the previous 180 days.

and the total U.S. foreclosure inventory rate was 4.15%, with 6.8 million properties classified as non-current inventory. The LPS data also showed that 22% of loans that were 90-plus days delinquent.

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