More refinancing homeowners choose shorter loan terms

Refinancing to a shorter term auto loan can lower the total amount of interest you’ll pay on the remaining payments of your auto loan. In general, the shorter the auto loan term is, the lower the interest rate will be for loans from the same lender.

Choose from two types of refinancing options:. Refinance today and save more for what matters most tomorrow. A shorter loan term – When interest rates fall, homeowners have an opportunity to refinance their existing home loan for.

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If you’re refinancing a 30-year home loan, consider a 15-year loan term in order to save yourself some interest and pay off the loan sooner. This may make sense if you’ve been in the home already for 10 to 15 years and your mortgage balance is lower now. You may realistically be able to afford a 15-year term loan payment.

One alternative to refinancing your existing home loan is to instead take out a second mortgage, often in the form of a home equity line of credit. This keeps the first mortgage intact if you’re happy with the associated interest rate and loan term, but gives you the power to tap into your home equity (get cash) if and when necessary.

 · Ideally, homeowners choose to refinance with the goal of finding a loan with a better interest rate, equating to less debt. Or, may earn more nowadays and would like to pay the loan off more quickly. refinancing involves paying out your current loan with a loan. This could be with your existing lender or a new one.

A shorter term means less overall expense but that shorter term means higher monthly payments. Fifteen-year loans are a popular choice for homeowners who want to refinance. These shorter term loans can make sense for homeowners who have some savings, stable incomes and family size. For some a longer term makes sense.

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Refinance Home Loan Corona|951-221-3929|Corona Home Refinancing|Refinance Corona Home|Loan Refinance Qualifying for a home equity loan is a little more difficult than qualifying for a. For borrowers with relatively short-term cash needs, the home equity loan. want to choose the home equity loan over the cash-out refinance loan.