SPEED: Fannie Mae will directly approve short sales

Home remodeling activity continues ascension: BuildFax Hey, Mr. President, what about removing lumber tariffs to make homes affordable? Hey, Mr. President, what about removing lumber tariffs to make homes affordable? december job creation ‘remains healthy,’ grows by 151,000 The American public remains supportive of . 63 percent agreed that more jobs were lost from imports, compared to just eight percent who thought more jobs were gained from exports.According to BuildFax’s monthly Remodeling Index (BFRI) for March 2011, there was a continued year-over-year gain. Their data suggests that more people are actively remodeling their homes across the United States, even while the economy continues to struggle and the real-estate industry continues to be challenged.

Frequently Asked Questions. Who is Fannie Mae? . I am worried about foreclosure. Where can I turn for advice? What will it cost? I have an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) that’s about to reset. Can I refinance through Fannie Mae? I’m not behind on my mortgage payments yet, but worry that I will.

Nationstar closes on $16 billion in Aurora servicing Mortgage Delinquencies Pass 10%: LPS Mortgage Delinquencies pass 10%: lps. home-loan delinquency rates in the US reached 10% in December, up from the record-high 9.97% in November, according to Lender Processing Services. which provides data on mortgage performance. Accounting for foreclosures in the pipeline, the total non-current rate stands at 13.3%..Nationstar also plans to add a total of $155 billion of loans, in terms of unpaid principal balance, to its servicing portfolio by the end of the year. "Our key servicing metrics are all moving in the right direction," Bray said on Nationstar’s quarterly earnings call Thursday morning.Senators press Obama for swifter REO strategy WASHINGTON – An array of conservative lawmakers, organizations and activists are demanding a swifter and more aggressive. Three conservative senators known for bucking GOP leadership during Barack.

Fannie Mae is committed to preventing mortgage fraud, including fraud perpetrated by any party or parties involved in transactions related to Fannie Mae Short Sales and/or associated with a Fannie Mae REO property. Fannie Mae expects parties in its transactions to consistently and accurately follow both the letter and spirit of all Fannie Mae.

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Fannie Mae Guidelines Mortgage After Short Sale requires a four year waiting period after the date of the short sale. A short sale is an alternative to foreclosure short sales is often offered to homeowners who have mortgage balances which are higher than the market value of their homes by their existing lenders

Las Vegas September home sales buoyed by move-up buyers US pending home sales fell 0.5 percent in May – One News Page – On a yearly basis, pending home sales have fallen 2.2 percent. Would-be buyers are increasingly frustrated by a lack of homes listed for sale. The number of homes on the market has dropped 6.1 percent over the past year to 1.85 million. The worsening shortage has prevented home-buying even as a strong job market has buoyed demand.

As Elk Grove Short Sale Specialists, once the servicer told us no extensions, we escalated to Fannie Mae direct, Senator Feinstein, Attorney General Harris and Acting Head of the FHFA Edward Demarco.

The answer appears to be yes. Prior to November 1, 2012, negotiators at Fannie Mae had told me over and over that Fannie Mae will not issue short sale approval if the seller is not in default. Other investors such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo do not force the seller into default and will grant a short sale when a seller is current.

In addition, over the next few months Fannie Mae will roll out the ability to negotiate and receive first lien approval on a short sale directly from Fannie Mae. That capability will be introduced.

Breaking news in the real estate community. This week Gabrielle Harrison the VP of REO sales for Fannie Mae, and Ingrid Beckles the Default Asset Manager at Freddie Mac announced an overhaul to the short sale process at the two companies.

If you request list price guidance through our homepath short sale portal, you will receive updates directly from Fannie Mae. This will keep you up-to-date on the status of your request. You can expect a response that will help you make an informed decision before listing the property in a few weeks or less.

Barron’s: The International Monetary Fund downgrades its 2019 forecast as economic pessimism grows Its average annual return over the past 15 years is 3%; in 2008, it was. The Short History And Long Future Of The online lending industry – with defaults at historical lows banks and credit unions still "in their bunkers" relative to making new unsecured personal loans to consumers I believe many or all of these trends will reverse in the.